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KreativDizain is recognized and award-winning interior and exterior design firm with expertise in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare and beauty projects. Based in Hussainpur Kolkata., KreativDizain-INTERIORS was established in 2016 by Riya Mukherjee, who has become a prominent expert in the industry. The Design Group combines extraordinary talent and global experiences to create spaces, nationally and worldwide, that can be as “cutting edge” or “timeless” as the exceptionality of each of its Clients.

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Residential Design

We are one of the trusted names in industry, engaged in offering our clients Residential Architecture Designing Services. We have a team of highly experienced and determined professionals, who work in close-coordination with the clients to ensure their complete satisfaction and understand their specific needs and demands. Our services are acclaimed for their timeliness, authenticity, reliability and promptness.

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Office Design

Kreativdizain has been designing exceptional office interiors. We find that immersing ourselves in your world enables us to understand your business challenges and workspace limitations. This allows our concept artists to produce various office interior design ideas and test high performance options to find an innovative and inspirational solution that, not only gives your business the rejuvenation it needs, but motivates your team to exceed your company goals as well.

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Commercial Design

KreativDizain continues widening the platforms from which it addresses this increasingly important and affluent market.Kreativdizain is on the quest to inform, update and inspire the region’s design industry, which is at a unique phase in its development. It remains the leading source of ideas, inspiration and product information for other industry professionals.

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On Time Project Completion

We are a team of dedicated interior designer who are self driven to complete project on time.At the start of evevry project we sign a contract with every client,Which prefferably mention the client project completion date.We are dedicated team we analyse the site in such a way that we can fulfiil our client need under the specific time interval.

Affordable Price

Having a rate that's based on square footage allows us to take on projects of all shapes and sizes—even just single rooms that people want help figuring out. After all, those clients might eventually have bigger homes and projects. "There's no project for us that's too small if it's the right client," . If we can establish a relationship, that's a good investment for us."

24 / 7 Support

No other Interior Design firm has the in-house support and services . We offer a dedicated team support available for any grievances , and site-based technical support for technical issues, and a Premium Services team focused on renovating your site.

Interior Expertise

As a leader in Resedential & Commerciall projects, KreativDizain has developed an interior design reputation which consists of innovative ideas and superior client services. As architects, our unique knowledge enables us to protect the integrity of a project, while meeting the realities of deadlines and budgets.

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